When there is a concern about the alignment of teeth or the bite itself, Echo Family Dental can help identify the cause and find an effective solution—which doesn’t always include traditional braces. That’s why our orthodontic evaluation begins with a thorough exam to gather all imaging needed to accurately assess your case. Adults, teens, and even children as young as age 6 can benefit from this thorough consultation.

Depending on the results of the evaluation—including your own concerns—we may be able to prevent the need for braces by using alternative orthodontic treatment, like arch expanders and Invisalign®, or we may make a recommendation for placing traditional braces using stainless steel or ceramic brackets.

Ultimately, regardless of your orthodontic treatment, properly straightening teeth and aligning your bite can help avoid other oral health issues down the road. Orthodontics can help with:

  • Preventing tooth decay, as overly crowded teeth are not as easy to keep clean
  • Reducing potential for jaw joint issues, tooth wear, and gum disease due to misaligned bites
  • Increasing confidence at any age by creating a smile that matches how you feel on the inside
  • Gaining lasting insight about the importance of overall oral health

For aligning teeth the traditional way with braces using stainless steel or ceramic brackets, Echo Family Dental is here to help. We also partner with a trusted orthodontics clinic for more advanced cases to ensure you get the best care possible. For mild to moderate cases, we also offer Invisalign®, which can be very effective in both teens and adults.

Contact Echo Family Dental to learn more about our complete orthodontic services.