Dr. Gillard and Dr. Chelsi enjoy providing pediatric dental care here at Echo Family Dental. No matter their age, our entire team is dedicated to providing a positive experience for you and them. Our goal is to get to know your child’s oral health needs and continue to serve them as they grow. You can request an appointment for their preventative care exam here, or call our clinic at (320) 587-2769 with any immediate concerns. We look forward to seeing you at their next appointment!

First Visits

Proper oral care for your kids begins with you. That’s because you’re the one bringing them to the dentist! By making that very important first step into our office, you’re helping instill a lifelong dedication to caring for their own oral health. We’d like you to schedule their first appointment by the age of 3, but we would be happy see them any time!

At Echo Family Dental, we focus on making your child’s first visit to our clinic (regardless of age) a comfortable one. They may not feel ready for a full exam, and that’s okay. But if they are, our caring team may capture their first dental X-rays, demonstrate proper brushing, explain why you should brush twice per day and for how long, and provide a fluoride treatment for lasting protection.

We’ll also talk with you about how to help your little one continue learning about good oral health, and discuss what to expect in the coming years, like loss of baby teeth, eruption of permanent teeth, and applying sealants to permanent molars. We’re passionate about keeping those little smiles healthy and happy!

If you ever have any concerns or questions about Pediatric Dentistry, please contact Echo Family Dental.