BOTOX® Cosmetic is now offered at Echo Family Dental!

BOTOX® Cosmetic is now offered at Echo Family Dental!

You might be asking yourself, BOTOX® at the dental office? Yes! It is becoming quite common place for patients to seek out additional facial cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX® and Juvéderm® to round out a beautiful smile. At Echo Family Dental we will only be offering BOTOX® for the many cosmetic benefits it offers.

What is BOTOX®? Let’s start with what it is not.  It is not a filler, and a common misconception is that it will cause large lips or drastically change the look of your face. BOTOX® doesn’t add volume and only works on the muscles. Filler by comparison, adds volume. Also, it will not change your ability to make facial expressions but will provide your skin a smoother look over time.

So, what can BOTOX® do for you and how does it work? When properly administered, it has many uses. The most common one is to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. BOTOX® works on muscles to relax and stop their contraction. Since skin is attached to muscles, it wrinkles when the muscle contracts. By stopping the muscle, BOTOX® reduces wrinkles. The most common places are the forehead, “11’s” (between the eyes), and crow’s feet around the eyes. Other facial uses include improving smoker’s lines around lips, lowering the upper lip to decrease a gummy smile, and reducing marionette lines by the corners of the mouth. It can be used to relax your jaw joint, or TMJ muscles to improve TMD, clenching and grinding.  It can even be used for migraines and under arms to decrease sweat (not in a dental office of course)!

Now you may be surprised to hear of BOTOX® being offered at a dental office. For many reasons, it is one of the medical professions that most closely aligns with the practice of BOTOX® administration. Dentists are well versed in the anatomy of facial muscles – even training on cadavers in both dental school and for BOTOX®. We are trained in visualizing fine details and masters at precision. Dentistry and BOTOX® also go hand in hand because of both its facial esthetic and dental functions, with the growth of cosmetic dentistry, it makes sense to round out a beautiful smile with smoothing of facial lines. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, dentists are experts in giving precise injections – we do this all day every day!

What can you expect if you make a BOTOX® appointment at Echo Family Dental? BOTOX® will be administered to carefully planned areas by a series of small shallow injections. Most patients say that it is MUCH easier than dental anesthetic injections. It can take about three to ten days for full results to be apparent, which last around three to four months.

We are very excited at Echo Family Dental to begin offering BOTOX® this fall! Dr. Chelsi is a certified FACES BOTOX® Cosmetic provider and has been training and practicing more than 2 years. She will be focusing on the upper face and hopes to keep adding additional services. If you have any questions or are curious if BOTOX® could be for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 320-587-2769!


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