The dental exam

You know the routine. You come to your dental appointment where you get your teeth cleaned and sometime during the appointment, the dentist comes in and gives the verdict concerning whether you have any cavities or not. Do you ever wonder what your dentist is doing while they look in your mouth? First thing we […]

Toothache or sinus problem?

As winter temperatures settle into the Hutchinson area, so does the prevalence of sinus problems or Sinusitis.  One of the symptoms of a sinusitis is a toothache. In most instances, these perceived toothaches involve the back teeth.  Common tooth symptoms of sinusitis include temperature sensitivity and pain experienced when walking or jumping.  Other sinusitis symptoms […]

Controlling Dental Induced Stress

I don’t think many days have gone by during my years of practicing dentistry in Hutchinson, that at least one patient hasn’t shared with me that they don’t like coming to the dentist. They will often say “I really like you, but I don’t like what you do”. These dental treatment dislikes are almost as […]

When to bring your child to the dentist?

Baby teeth begin to come in around halfway through the first year of life and generally have finished erupting by three years of age. When is the best time to begin bringing your child to the dentist? We generally recommend by two and a half to three years of age and to continue with six […]

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Summer Months

Sunshine, pool time, sleeping in, and hanging with friends. These are some things kids look forward to in the summer months. Change of schedule is exciting and fun, but also brings some challenges with oral health. The ADA recommends three tips for staying on track during the time off school: routine, limiting sugary snacks and […]